5 Tips for Having a Long-Lasting Relationship with Australian Cougars

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Having a long-lasting relationship is tough these days, even tougher in case of free cougar dating in Australia. People consider cougar dating as a temporary affair, as a substitute in their lives. However, if you are someone serious about your cougar relationship, take no time to adopt these tips and make your relationship long-lasting:

Stay Fit

The Cougars might be older, but they never compromise on looks. They will never settle for average looks or careless attitude. So work upon yourself.  Be fit and stay well-groomed. Wear the right outfit and look in your best. This is your key to unlock a cougar's heart.

Act Mature

Another essential tip for ensuring a long-lasting relationship is to act maturely. Cougars never stay with guys who act childish or stupid - no matter how good looking they are. So work on your behavior as well. Have a sense of humor and cheesy attitude, but make sure it sounds intellectual. Talk on topics like music, art, literature, and current affairs instead of college crushes and parties.

Be Bold

The best way to keep an older woman interested in you is to be bold. Whenever you meet a lady from cougar dating sites Australia, maintain the eye contact. The older women, unlike younger girls of your generation, do not enjoy mind games or beating around the bush. They are bold and speak their mind, and expect the same from you. So wear your confidence and speak your thought. But again be careful that you remain honest but does not sound insulting to them.

Avoid Calling Her too Often

Mark my words: No matter how much you both are involved, don't call her too often. Calling too much makes you look desperate. And unlike younger women, cougars don't find it cute. They want to have space in their relationship. So initiate call only when required. However, make yourself available for her 24/7.  Never let her feel alone or left. Otherwise, your relationship won't last long.

Know Your Role in a Relationship

Above all, know your place in your relationship and how to deal with it. In the beginning, women from free cougar dating Australia treat you nicely because you look good, and accompany them to all the social events. However, as the relationship continues, the things might change. So analyze their behavior in real-time. Understand your role in their lives and behave accordingly.


4 Mistakes Women Make While Cougar dating in Sydney

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When it comes to dating, it's not just the novice cub that commits mistakes. Many times, the cougars, who have gained enough experience in life also fall for some wrong decisions. If you are a beautiful lady planning for cougar dating in Sydney, I recommend having a look at these 4 popular mistakes to make your relationshiap healthy:

Thinking the Right Guy will come to You at the Right Time

If you are someone believing your right man will find you himself, come out of a fairy tale. There are thousands of cougars on the Australian dating sites. You may/may not be picked by any. So, stop expecting and start working. Update your profile, check for options, approach them, and let the communication begin for a profitable outcome.

Becoming Over-Possessive and Expecting Commitment

Suppose you have met a great guy on some Australian dating sites. You had three to five dates which went quite well. However, does this mean you have the right to question him, control his life, or check his phone? No!! Such behavior will haunt him and make him run away.

Usually, the guys show an interest in women just to pick the best one of all. So, don't fall for one, if he's showing interest in you. And even if he’s genuinely falling for you, he would take time to express it. So, keep your relationship at a slow pace. Control your emotions, strive to know more about him, and wait for his words of commitment. Meanwhile, keep your options open and look forward to searching for someone better.

Letting Yourself be treated like a Docking Station

Good sex is undoubtedly one of the main elements of cougar dating in Sydney. It will let you both enjoy being in a relationship. However, this does not mean you have to do sex even when you don't want. Sex is not to please your cub, you should also enjoy it. And if you are not enjoying it for some reasons, just say NO. If he's here for more than sex, he will respect your decision.

Overlooking His Ill-Behavior Traits

Many times, cougar women just overlook a few traits of their cub and just focus on their relationship. The outcome is that someday those characters ruin their relationship and hurt them badly. I'm not saying to judge anyone, but just keep a note on their good and bad habits. Focus not only those that you want in your man, but also on those that are not good to have. This will be bliss for having a healthy relationship.

The best method to see the other side of your partner and every situation is to read the signs, do an extensive search, and strive for the right answers to the right questions. Don't feel ashamed to dig into his past and present. Use all your senses to prevent a fatal relationship affect you badly. If in doubt, take a help from your close friends or our experts.

Now, as you know these four popular mistakes committed by the Cougars, analyze your actions. Put your best efforts forward and embrace the process of cougar dating in Sydney.


Australian Cougars: 7 Skills You Should Learn Today

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In the present scenario where both men and women work under the same roof, it is more likely that you find your right cub. But are you prepared for this opportunity? What skills do you need to attract him?

Here are the 7 skills we strongly recommend in Australian cougars for enjoying their time:

Go Get Attitude

Cougars are beautiful, sexy and rich. They have mastered their own destinies, which indicate they need not compromise with the type of guy they want. They can say no to men they don't find attractive and pick the right one. They can live the way they want, dress up accordingly and pay for themselves. They can take their decision without making men feel embarrassed.

Be Secretive

Men love to play with puzzles. They find more attracted to women who do not disclose everything about them. They get excited to dig out information about of you. Therefore, be secretive to make them interested in you.

I'm the Controller Mood

If you are planning for cougar dating in Australia, get ready to be the controller. Don't forget you are rich and beautiful. You can change the younger men according to your attitude and values. You can make him all yours or choose as one of the options. It's completely your decision.

The Charm of Busyness

One of the reasons why younger men get more attracted to Australian cougars is that they are busy. They have a lot many things to do in their lives, besides calling their men for like 8 times a day. This makes them less available for the drama and gives the men freedom to enjoy their time. Plus, it shows that they are not dying after the cub, making them appear stronger and more attractive.

Take initiative

Bear in mind, you are not in your 20s. You need not act shy. You can take the first step and ask the man you are chasing for cougar dating in Australia. Even if he says no, it would help you concentrate on someone else.

Hunt for Love

Like many successful people in the world, cougars have money, power and status in the society. All they need is love. Therefore, being an older lady, you should choose the one who loves you – who pleases you emotionally and sexually.

Now as you know the different traits you should have, get ready to register on Australian cougars dating sites today itself.


8 Aussie Cougar Dating Rules for 2018

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Whether you agree or not, there are some unstated rules people follow during an Aussie Cougar dating. These rules might have nothing much related to winning and losing. However, they can prepare you how to behave and give your best shot at your first date. Therefore, are you ready to have a look at these dating rules for 2018?

Talk about Anything

Going on a local dating in Australia doesn't make you bounded to talk about love and relationships only. In 2018, more topics will jump into the conversation. People will share their views on subjects like politics, religion and sex, which will help them understand each other from inside out.

Chat whenever you Want

The time has changed. People spend most of their time active on social profiles. Therefore, don't wait for morning or evening to text your dating partner. Tell your feelings at once. This will make your relationship stronger.

Listen to him/her

Listening is more important than speaking in dating. When you listen to your cougar dating partner, you learn some about her. You find better ways to improve your relationship and gain experience at Aussie cougar dating. Therefore, look forward to it.

Using phone is Okay

It's advisable to ditch your phone when on a date with a cougar. But still, if it is something urgent, don't hesitate to use it for a while (unless you don't make your partner feel bored and irritated).

Waiting is dead and gone

Waiting for the third date for sex has become an old lady's tale. People these days do not look for a special day to get into each other. If you both are going well together, don't be afraid of intimacy – even if it's your first date.

Wear Your Confidence

Regardless you are a newbie or someone local dating in Australia for years, you should look confidence. Ignorance and Arrogance are no more elements to spice up your relationship. Therefore, don't overreact. Showcase your professional activities with confidence.

Be Selfish

The Aussie cougar dating sites and apps are meant for you, for making you feel happy. Therefore, don't compromise. Be a bit selfish and do not settle until you find the right person.

Don't Vanish away

It's completely fine to be no more interested in someone. Just tell them and leave with dignity. You need not cut off the entire communication medium and vanish away.

Dating is not a rocket science. You can easily learn how to date a cougar like a PRO if you follow the above-mentioned tips and stay in touch with us.


4 Common Myths People Have about Cougar Dating

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Whenever someone thinks of a cougar, they think of a hottie mid-age woman trying to dominate a younger man for her sexual needs. If you too think the same, it's not your fault. Just like any other topic, there are various misconceptions prevailing in the society about cougar dating. And surprisingly, even best cougar experts and popular cougar dating sites are prey to such myths.

So, here we are to discuss and dispel the four most common myths about cougar dating. Hope this will help those interested in such relationships to browse through the popular free cougar dating sites in Australia and enjoy their lives.

Here we go!

1. Cougars prey on Young, Innocent Men

Many people consider cougars as old women spending their waking hours to find another young man to hunt down. They have the picture of cougars as an emotionless beast in their minds. However, it is not so.

Just like every other woman on this Earth, cougars are also ordinary women. It's just they are open to the idea of dating someone younger than them. But, they are not the one who approaches younger guys. Mostly, it's the young men who approach them since they are wiser, mature, and sexually appealing.Hence, it's a myth that cougars are predators; while the reality is opposite many times.

2. Men dating a Cougar are weird

There's nothing wrong with dating someone older than you. A person dating an older woman is no different from someone dating a lady of his age. It's just such guys love adventure and have the courage to go after such independent, secure and intimidating women. Besides, some guys do not keep age as the prime parameter to feel interested in someone.

If you too fall for the smartness and independent nature of older women, free your mind from such misconceptions and register on Aussie dating sites for cougar dating today!

3. Cougars and Cubs have no common interest

Saying that interests are confined by age is a stupidity. There are various young people around who love the melody of ancient music, while many older women rock the floor on Rihanna's songs. And the secret behind this is growing trend of the Internet. The Internet allows people of all ages learn something new and different.

Moreover, having different interests and experiences is not a barrier to the relationship. Instead, this can act as a catalyst to keep the two into the relationship for long. When there's a gap between their worldview, they would try to bridge the gap by trying new things. This will eventually add spice to their relationship.

So, next time when you sit in front of a free cougar dating site in Australia or across the globe, be ready to find cougars with same music taste or someone as adventurous as you.

4. Cougars or Cubs might dump the other one day

The concept of cougar dating is not something new – from Elizabeth I to Shakespeare, all the legendary people experienced this kind of relationships. Still, various people believe that cougars and cubs cannot live together for longer. Either the women will be out of the relationship when her sexual expectations are not met, or the young guy will soon feel the urge of having babies and leave for some young childbearing lady. However, it is not so. Firstly, these relationships is not based merely on the sex needs. Secondly, if the young man genuinely falls for the old lady, he might choose her over the desire of  having a baby. Besides, it is often observed that younger guys go to these cougars for getting an escape from marriage and children pressure. And lastly, it has been proven many times that these couples can stay together against all the odds because of their strong emotional connection. So, this is again a myth that prevents Aussie and other people from trying dating sites.

Besides the aforementioned myths, there are various myths that need to be demystified. The cougar dating Australia free is about meeting new people, find new passions, have fun, and fall in love – just like any other dating type. So, we advise all to have an open-mind while approaching a free cougar dating sites in Australia or around.