Cougar Dating in Australia: 5 Tips Why Older Women Want Younger Men?

Age will tell you if a woman is old enough to be called cougar. Normally, a cougar is believed to be at her 40’s, and some even consider 35. You can’t really identify the age of a woman by simply looking at her face with cosmetics. 

Cougars usually appear fashionable wearing nice dress and accessories.  They have good careers with high income.  Also they have expensive car, have great body curve, use expensive jewelry and they look healthy.

Most cougars who are members of online dating come from Australia. Cougar dating Australia has great news to young, handsome Australian guys. Men can find a rich old woman and make their lives change for the better. But how is it dating a mature woman in Australia?

Cougar dating AustraliaWhy cougars choose younger guys

1. Probably because they are in love. Why can’t older women find younger men, after all, if they can do it!  Love is fair and it comes to all people, regardless of age and look. Love happens at any place and time.  Two people can do many things when they are in love.

2. Not all women enjoy a father-figure relationship.  Frequently, an older man has the role to protect and parent a younger woman.  This makes a huge frustration to most women. What women want is to prove that they can take care of themselves, pay for their own expenses, and speak confidently, without an older man helping them.  That’s why they’re looking for fresher and stronger men.

3. Younger men last longer and are better performers.  Many believe that males experience their sexual peak when they are between eighteen and twenty-five years old.   Females reach their peak when they are between thirty-five and forty-five. Older men easily get less active in bed while younger ones are more fulfilling in bed.

4. Young men are more open-minded.  Mature women view them as life and a breath of healthy body. Most Aussie cougars are physically attracted to men who are fresher, more energetic, stronger, and who project innocent look.  Physical look and attraction matter for older women. Young men with lean bodies, great teeth, bright eyes, and nice hair are more attractive than middle-aged guys who are fat, bald, and with wrinkles.

5. They want to feel healthier and younger.  Young men can rejuvenate older women making them feel younger, more beautiful, and restored.  Most women think their youthfulness is gone upon reaching middle age.  But, they want to be attractive in the eyes of young guys and have fun like when they were young.  Besides, no old women want to be branded as old. In fact, many women are at their best look in their 40’s or 50’s.

As a final point, it is told that women tend to live 10 years longer compared to men. Therefore, connecting with a guy 10 years younger makes a perfect match in a relationship. For any reason, many Australian women go for younger men and do what they want because this business is theirs.  Age is not the basis to obtain mutual romance and respect from each partner.  After all, if both of them are comfortable in each other’s arms, then nobody can judge or criticize them. 

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