Top 5 Cougar Bars in Australia

Cougar dating has become more popular than any other types of relationships today. Cougars can be found in various parts of Australia. Hence, any person that has an interest in cougar dating should learn about the top five cougar bars in Australia. Most of these bars are located in areas that have high human traffic while others are at cool places. We will discuss the top five cougar bars that every cougar hunter should make a date with here.

1. The Baxter Inn. This cougar bar is located in Sydney, 152-156 Clarence Street. It provides a broad range of drinks and music that women and men can dance along to. It has an underground bar where people can also stay as they enjoy the night during the operating hours. This is the only place where you can enjoy free yummy pretzels and the cocktails of your choice.

2. Shady Pines Saloon. This bar is located in Darlinghurst and is known for cougar women who go there to enjoy the night. The bar is mainly operated from 4 pm to 12 am throughout the week. This is an ideal bar to buy a drink even at late night since they are arranged according to their individual prices.

3. Rockpool Bar & Grill. This is an excellent cougar bar that provides a bar and an eatery point at the same time. It is located in Sydney, Australia. It's a modern restaurant where people can enjoy their free time from as early as 12 pm up to 10 pm though the closing time varies from Friday to Sunday.

4. Old Growler. This is a perfect bar for cougars and it is located in Darlinghurst, Australia. The address for this bar is Basement, 218 William Street, Sydney, NSW. The ad it offers a broad range of drinks and food such as burgers and chips. More to that, the underground bar provides a calm environment where you can enjoy a stay with your friends.The drinks are affordable to everybody.

5. Saké. This bar is located in The Rocks, and it provides the Japanese food though it is open to everybody. It provides delicious foods and drinks that are available in Japan. The cool atmosphere in Sake bar is very welcoming to all cougars. This is a perfect place to take your cougar woman for your first date!

Finally, a cougar bar should provide a suitable environment that allows people to know each other as they drink their best drinks from the varieties that are available. Moreover, a cougar bar should be well secured to make sure that people are safe as they continue with their businesses. The music should include all type of music genre in the playlist to make all the cougars and cougar hunters comfortable. The services should be available when needed by any of the customers.

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