Jerry Hall is Bringing Cougar Dating Culture to Australia

Jerry Hall is a landmark model married to Rolling Stones.
cougar dating Australia

Jerry Hall, who is 56 years older, knows more beauty tips.

Asked how she is always so elegant, especially stayed with the rock star Mick Jagger 22 years. Hall smiled: "well, I don't know if I am the right person to advice, because I like drinking wines, coffee and smoking"

Hall, will be graduated in Majesty 's Theatre in September this year, said she are enjoying the current age.

She said: "when you're young. You are always too nervous to worry about everything." "When you're older, you won’t care about those things any more. I think I am very mature. I am enjoying the happiest time of my life." I think aussie cougars have the same idea.

During a media meeting in Melbourne, Hall naked on stage, talked about cougar culture publicly, and her former flame, Jagger and Roxy music star Ferry Brian.

Hall and Jagger, separately in 1999 and have four children.

Hall said: "my children are wonderful. I don't know if I have done anything special. I was there to cook for dinner." But Hall and Jagger didn't spoil them.

This is a very good experience to get along with children, let them make mistakes and learn lessons from those mistakes early, not spoil them too much."

"I'm really proud of them, because they have been proved to be good persons." aussie cougars Hall said she and Jagger, still are good friends.

She has Roxy music, Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald and nine Simon in her IPod. She murmured: "(Mick and Bryan) all over me, of course."

Hall says, she likes playing Mrs. Robinson and that kind of cougar culture is appropriate. She whispered: "Dating younger men is pretty good for cougar. They have a lot of perseverance and they can keep up with quickly." So just try cougar dating Australia.

But she admits that it needed some time to get up the courage to deduce nude scene. When she naked at the premiere in London, the 50 year old photographer stood to attention.

Hall said: "I'm wearing high heels. I am not completely naked."


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