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Q Jimmy wrote: How can I find my cougar match?


Hi Jimmy,

Online dating is very challenging. It needs a lot of patience and courage, so don't be shy.

Don't wait " Mrs. Right " to find you. Many interesting online dating is not so easy to find successful matching. I suggest you use a search tool to find Cougars Australia who meet your standard, then send an E-mail to them. Like I said, send an email rather than a wink. Because sending E-mails can get better response. When writing an email, don't just say "Hi. Have a nice day." You need to get her attention and make her want to know you. Only including six words in email, talking about the weather can't attract her to email you back. You should make email content more very interesting. For example, tell her you like her picture, because the photo caught your eye. Or ask a question or two, so she has something to say when replying you.

Online dating is different with other things in life. When you receive a reply email from other members, you should respond in time. Timing is very important. If you wait too long to reply her, there may be other members to contact her. Remember, everyone here is to find their perfect one, so the competition is very big. Frequent login web site, look at the new members, see who browsed your profile, if you are interested in some members, you can send an email to them.

I have read your profile, I suggest that you write more about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. Add a little humor things, everyone likes a person with a sense of humor.

Your main goal is to contact other members as many as possible, so I suggest you write a blog, or comment on other blogs and leave comment in forum.

If there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to contact me.

Cougar Dating Counselor

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