5 Misconceptions about Cub/Cougar Relationships

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There are many misconceptions and myths about cougar dating. In fact, most of the ideas are related to the fact that the relationship exists mostly due to physical attraction. Also, a lot of cougars in Australia also face insulting comments due to their looks in such relationships. Things like this should not happen not just to the Australian singles but everyone around the world.

People should have the freedom to choose who they want to be with regardless of gender, age, color, race, ethnicity, and country and so on. And no one has the rights to comment about it and create misconceptions to ruin a relationship.

Here are some of the biggest cougar dating misconceptions:

1. A Cougar is an Old Woman who Looks for Innocent Young Men

This is just a lie. In fact, cougars are beautiful, bright and independent women. They have everything including looks and money. And even though these women do go to bars, they are not there to get into younger men's pants. They have a life too. All these women need is someone to keep their energy up.

2. A Younger Man will Eventually want a Woman His Age with fewer Wrinkles

A lot of cougar Australian singles are fit and beautiful, leave alone the fact of being overweight or having wrinkles. In fact, not all the younger men you find love models. Instead, they search for someone who would make them grow. Having such a misconception is an insult to both the cougars Australia and the men.

3. Cougars & Cubs have Nothing in Common

Regardless of age difference, people find a lot of common interests over time. Therefore, making an assumption with this is just not alright. He can like weekend getaways as much as his partner does.

4. The Cougar will Miss out All the Fun in life While the Younger Man struggles to Establish a Career

First of all, from where did such an idea come into people's head? Just so you know, the case can be the same when two same aged people come together. In fact, many younger men become highly successful at a young age but still like to be with older women.

On the other hand, cougars in Australia have their own free will to do what they want. So it doesn't matter who they date. In fact, when they date younger men, they feel freer and enjoy the liberty of doing whatever they want.

5. Cubs Would Eventually Cheat on Their Partners with Someone Their Own Age

As shared in the point 2, this is now how things work. If love exists and both the partners are satisfied with each other, there is no way that anyone of them would cheat to be with a person their own age. In fact, if a person cheats, he/she is just a cheater. And this person would also cheat on the person they date 'of their own age.' A cheater is a cheater, and it has nothing to do with age.

Final Words

There are many myths about cougars in Australia and their cubs, but none of them are true. A relationship is a relationship. In fact, this kind of relationship is a very special one.

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