What is a Cougar?

Women's age. Age is an indicator to tell you if a woman is a cougar. Usually, a cougar is thought to be at the age of 40 or older, even some women at 35 years older are called cougar. You will meet problem without asking a woman when trying to find out her age because of the Botox cosmetic surgery. One way is to study her hand. There is usually no fine line on hands of women at the age of 20 and 30 years old, and you can see hand vein on older women’s hands. In addition, looking at the appearance of fine lines around eyes or mouth, you will find out your girlfriend whether is more than 40. Also, small wrinkles on elbow and knee is the typical signs of "mature".

Assess her fashion and cosmetics. Stylish cougars like to wear high-end fashion suit and tight clothes. Usually a bra is a must, especially if this cougar has children. In cosmetic, cougars are usually apply large amount of powdery bottom in order to conceal the trace of wrinkles and age.

Determine whether you are facing a "sugar momma". A sugar momma is the same as a cougar. A sugar momma usually wears fashionable dress, has a nice career or gets lots of money after divorce. In addition to wearing, the following indications tell that you may find a sugar momma: Order expensive drinks or champagne at the bar, have a high price car, make visible plastic surgery, wear expensive jewelry, and have a healthy body (has her personal trainer or dietitian).

Watch her actions. Cougars are unlikely to dance on the dance floor, they prefer sitting at the bar, sipping drinks and playing electronic gadgets.

If you are interested, buy her a drink. If she likes you, she won't waste time. Shy and slow is not cougar’s strategy. Trying some brief and purposeful chats is good for you to date a cougar.

Watch her friends and other women around her. Normally, cougar women have many women friends who are wearing similar clothes and living the same way of life. They may be interested in younger men and like to invite them to party.
Cougar Dating

Praise her. The biggest desire of you cougar is that you often praise or comment on how she looks, especially if she has experienced a failure long time relationship or marriage. As all the women, she would adore your praise, but she may be more likely to be accept it greedily. You should praise her as more as you can and make her feel special.

Determine the cougar is a "one-night stand" for you. In some cases, cougar may just want to find you in her a convenient time. At this point, you are a boy toy, so you should make sure that this relationship is what you want. She often calls you at midnight for an appointment. Sometimes she will not contact you in several months, but suddenly will send a message or a call to ask for meeting you. Some people are looking for this kind of "relationship", because it usually doesn't need their commitment. So you need to make sure if you want to start a cougar dating.

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