How to Date a Cougar in Australia

Online dating site "Australiancougardating.com", get the result from a survey, "70% of the cougars members come from Australia. This is a good news for Australian handsome younger men who want to find a rich cougar or mature lady in Australia. But how to date cougars? Here are some tips may be useful.

Ensure that you have found some places to encounter rich cougars. You will never find them in a fast food restaurant. Because they are rich, they know how to enjoy life. You can try some bars, mature female clubs or personal parties, you know most of older women like inviting younger men to join their party. Some of them also like riding a horse, to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the countryside.
Date cougars

You must have qualities which can attract them. It does not mean that you should have a luxurious hair, impeccably dressed up. But you need to pull out a handsome side, to show them you are very sexy, have a hot body and you are interested in dating older women. Doing these well will be your first step of success.
However, it is not enough to only have a good prospects. You should also have a clever and considerate heart. You must consider that although cougars are rich, they are very self-abased in terms of age. Make sure you will not grudge your praise and appreciation in front of them.

Be generous with your wordings on them, and chat with cougars more often. Think about some interesting topics. Dating cougars may not only mean the friendship, most will be involved in sex. Showing them you are their toy boy on-call and you can be with them when they need. Of course she will be your money support when you need them as well.

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