Romantic Local Dating Places in Australia (2)

Recommend a romantic scenery spot: Hervey Bay

Temperature become warming in spring, migrating whales also began their pace. The scenery of a lot of whales swimming slowly along the coast is especially shock! At this time, come to Australia to begin a sweet date with whales!!!! And Queensland absolutely is the perfect location for this sweet date: Brisbane, gold coast, sunshine coast, the Great Barrier Reef... Queensland is full of countless surprise and romantic in the spring.

Hervey Bay which is just 3 hours drive from Brisbane is known as the whale watching capital of Australia. During May to December every year, people can view rare humpback whales closely. Just have a romantic limitless whale-watching date! These giant Marine animals which once endangered, are length 15 meters, have very gentle personality, slowly swim along a cruise ship, give the high altitude jet performances from time to time, cause fathom from visitors. At the same time, also please note, dolphins, turtles may be haunted by you, begin a hide-and-seek game quietly with you, open your eyes, catch this rare natural wonders!

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Whale-watching guidelines:
In addition to Queensland, new south Wales is also a good place for whale watching. May to December, you can meet this lovely group of Marine animals at Jervis Bay and port Stephens. If you don't want to go too far, you can start from Sydney's Darling harbor to see the whales in the whale watching season. Also you can start a cougar dating Sydney with hot older women.

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