Top 3 Celebrity Cubs Who are Dating Cougars in Australia

Hugh JackmanThe ideology of a young man dating an older woman used to be looked down upon in the past and not many societies could afford to embrace it. Over time, women have decided to take matters into their hands and go out and get what makes them happy. Hollywood has been the main engineer of this idea. Other nations have followed suit and marrying women above thirty who have managed to keep their killer bodies has become the new cool especially in Australia. The attraction to older women has been there always, could be the way they appear mature or just that they know how to take care of themselves. These celebrity cubs have decided to go public and confess their relationships with cougars.

Shaun HampsonHugh Jackman, one of the most famous Australian actors, who is 48 years old is married to Deborra-Lee Furness an Australian actress and producer who is 61 years old.

Shaun Hampson is an AFL player who is 29 years old. He is married to an Aussie model Megan Gale who is 41 years old. The two celebrities have a baby. They are very happy now for marrying each other.

Bradley Cocks
Collette Dinnigan, an Australian based fashion designer who is 51 years old got engaged to Bradley Cocks, a hotelier who is 40 years old. The age difference is 11 years, and it does not hinder the two lovers from appreciating one another.

Finally, in this era dating older women has become the new norm and if you haven't already gotten yourself one, Australia is a hot zone. With so many online cougar dating websites, the search never got any easier. Just get out there, join these celebrity cougars and cubs and enjoy the beauty and the fun of dating an older woman. The article tries to show some of the relationships between the cougar and celebrity cubs. Love knows no boundaries, and this can be seen all over the world especially by looking at other stars outside Australia.

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