5 Tips for Having a Long-Lasting Relationship with Australian Cougars

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Having a long-lasting relationship is tough these days, even tougher in case of free cougar dating in Australia. People consider cougar dating as a temporary affair, as a substitute in their lives. However, if you are someone serious about your cougar relationship, take no time to adopt these tips and make your relationship long-lasting:

Stay Fit

The Cougars might be older, but they never compromise on looks. They will never settle for average looks or careless attitude. So work upon yourself.  Be fit and stay well-groomed. Wear the right outfit and look in your best. This is your key to unlock a cougar's heart.

Act Mature

Another essential tip for ensuring a long-lasting relationship is to act maturely. Cougars never stay with guys who act childish or stupid - no matter how good looking they are. So work on your behavior as well. Have a sense of humor and cheesy attitude, but make sure it sounds intellectual. Talk on topics like music, art, literature, and current affairs instead of college crushes and parties.

Be Bold

The best way to keep an older woman interested in you is to be bold. Whenever you meet a lady from cougar dating sites Australia, maintain the eye contact. The older women, unlike younger girls of your generation, do not enjoy mind games or beating around the bush. They are bold and speak their mind, and expect the same from you. So wear your confidence and speak your thought. But again be careful that you remain honest but does not sound insulting to them.

Avoid Calling Her too Often

Mark my words: No matter how much you both are involved, don't call her too often. Calling too much makes you look desperate. And unlike younger women, cougars don't find it cute. They want to have space in their relationship. So initiate call only when required. However, make yourself available for her 24/7.  Never let her feel alone or left. Otherwise, your relationship won't last long.

Know Your Role in a Relationship

Above all, know your place in your relationship and how to deal with it. In the beginning, women from free cougar dating Australia treat you nicely because you look good, and accompany them to all the social events. However, as the relationship continues, the things might change. So analyze their behavior in real-time. Understand your role in their lives and behave accordingly.

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